Mynr: Data Migration
Made Easy

Mynr is an all-in-one data migration solution that allows for complex data migration to and from multiple sources in real-time.

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Speed & Efficiency

When it comes to data transfers and manual development – human error is 6%. As you add on and compound external factors, human error percentages can compound.

  • Push & Pull Real-Time Data
  • Eliminate Human Error

Mynr, removes all instances of human error by utilizing an adaptive framework that can pass data in real-time while removing instances of human error. Whereas most major data transfer projects operate on a point A to point B solution, Mynr’s adaptive framework can be programmed to push and pull your existing data to any number of customized feeds and back again.

, Unlock the Power of Your Data — <em data-src=Today" />

Unlock the Power of Your Data — Today

As the marketing world becomes more and more audience-driven, the need to access and utilize audience building via consumer data is vital. Legacy CRMs for multi-location retail businesses often suit the need for daily operations but seldom can communicate with external sources and solutions. With Mynr, we can develop an automated process to use your customer data to create audiences on the world’s largest marketing websites.

  • Unprecedented targeting and client acquisition methods
  • Dramatically reducing your cost per acquisition